How illness and diseases attack families

This for every one, did you think of how illness and diseases attack families those who are fenced and those who are in fenced get attacked, this is how, people buy food,and materials for use, the left overseas are then dropped off, the polythene also dropped, broken plastics as well, the metallic are also dropped, all these are harzardeous to mostly women and children’s lives rendering them I’ll and totally sick let’s take an example of rotten garbage. The flies feasts on it and drops on the food that’s eaten by children and family at large this eventually causes stomachache, cholera, Ebola and many associated diseases. Rusted metals when stepped on it affects someone with tetanus and wounds on the body. Polythene pollutes the soil, air and water bodies. All these combined together requires maximum teaching and control to avail and create a proper and clean environment for stay. Our team goes house to house educating family on how to manage the waste. We then collect the garbage sort into manure, polythene papers and scrap. We here by invite volunteers to have this a success. A small donation of just 2 USD makes Avery big change in the people’s lives. Reach us on +256757774802 email

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