The Global estimate of girls who are affected by forced early child marriage is about 650 million. The AU has been trying to address this issue and they launched the African Union Campaign to End Child Marriage in Africa but this only targeted the 30 most affected countries, of which only about a half have been able to meet some of the key targets. With such a statistic, Care Concern Uganda could not sit back to simply observe how things unroll as a lot is at stake. The girl-child is tomorrow’s mother and as such, a key pillar in the spiritual, physical, emotional and economic growth of our country’s people. We sensitize our communities on the need to support girls as much as they do boys as there is a still major disparity in how these two are treated in many rural areas. We identify and enlighten communities about ill practices like female genital mutilation (F.G.M) and use of girls as a ticket to wealth where parents marry them off young or make dowry as hefty as possible which often results into mistreatment by their usually much older husbands, owing to the financial pressure they were subjected to.