At Care Concern Uganda, we believe in charity, team work and collaboration. Therefore, we often invite charity workers to assist in executing our programs and running the organization’s activities. These workers often come as volunteers (both local and non-local) and they are embedded into the communities we work in so that they can have a clear understanding of the people we serve and connect with them to know how best to serve them. These work closely with us and serve in areas of sensitization, health and medical support, agriculture, preaching, community outreach and in our early childhood development programs. Once the workforce is in place, we distribute teams to our different activities and areas of operation often basing on their areas of preference or ability. We also collaborate with transport, education, security, health, hospitality and tourism service providers to ensure efficient, timely support and care to the communities we serve as well as an amazing, trouble-free and enjoyable stay for all our volunteers. We are currently open to have new friends and partners whether individuals, groups, Churches or organisations to expand our work and ministry of caring for children at risk and communities in need especially in Kampala and Wakiso districts. You can also partake of the joyful experience in serving according to your special gift whether teaching in schools, preaching in Churches and communities, ministering in various ways to empower and encourage children. You can do this by signing up with us to visit the people where Care Concern Uganda serves.

 Taking the Gospel to the Communities

We believe that the Lord guides all we do and as such, nission as a key element of how we work. Prayer is at the center of everything we do at Care concern uganda. Join us as we lift up needs in faith and praises with joy.

Our team is well constituted with evangelists who also invite their colleague Pastors to come and pray for us and our communities. Their role is to do evangelism, discipleship of caregivers, and to follow-up with those who gave their lives to Christ. Our spiritual team works hand-in-hand with a team of local pastors from different regions of Uganda, the care concern pastor volunteer network.

These also do counselling and through counseling we have seen families reconcile. Some of the mothers are abandoned by their husbands because of the conditions of their children, but through counseling we have been able to bring some of these families together.” She also tells us that miracles are happening because most of the children are getting better, and their caretakers are getting stronger, too

 Volunteering

Volunteering in Uganda provides a safe and eye-opening cultural exchange experience for people of all ages and nationalities. Volunteers show us love, are a source of labor for Care Concern Uganda and a great inspiration for many of our children. Quite often, they also make donations that greatly contribute to the feeding and support budgets of the areas in which we serve. For local volunteers, transport and accommodation are usually not a worry since many of them commute but for non-local volunteers, there are several costs involved as can be seen below;

  • Airport pickup
  • First night hostel/guesthouse stay
  • In-country orientation
  • Transportation to your placement
  • 3 meals of Ugandan food per day
  • Secure accommodation & weekend volunteer guesthouse use
  • 24 hr supervision of premises for safety

As earlier stated, Care concern uganda is a non-profit organization. However, there are costs involved in hosting volunteers as highlighted above and in supporting our partner organizations and as such, volunteers are often encouraged to make a contribution towards funding this. Further information on this can be provided by email. Please visit us and get to feel the warmth of Ugandan communities first hand.