It is extremely sad for a family to wake up with no food at all and no hope that maybe the family head will find anything, the sadder thing is having a whole village full of such families. The saddest thing however, is having to sit by and watch while children and mothers from these families grapple for food in bushes, sometimes to the extent of sharing one potato among four people as a meal. We had no resources to change this overnight but we knew we needed to do something so we started, we are now engaged in social support where we provide the most affected (especially the fully-orphan families and the elderly) with food. We have also embarked on skilling people in the communities in areas of tailoring, weaving and modern craft-making to boost their ability to earn, which we believe will create great impact on the quality of life among our people. Generally, local communities are supported with improved access to food, protection of livelihoods and increased access to basic services.