Care Concern Uganda programs are mainly supported by Lubertel Uganda Ltd, a limited liability company owned by Albert, a Director with Care Concern Uganda. The company has been very supportive and influential in the operations of Care Concern Uganda but being a business entity, they can only do so much since they also have business costs and growth aspirations to focus on. Our other funding for the several programs and activities we run comes from donations from well-wishers, volunteers and friends once in a while although we do not have any monthly or annual coomitments. Our prayer is that we get commitments that assure our beneficiaries of food such that we worry less about providing for them. We sometimes are faced with extreme conditions where we borrow from individuals in our circles to sustain programs, especially feeding programs.
All funds received are well-accounted for by our finance office and we are sure that we are putting every cent we get to good use. We have noticed that quite often, we use 50% of all funds to support the children orphanage in Mukono, 40% on our external program with initiatives including curriculum resources on active local children, leadership training workshops for children, Girl child education, widows, health sensitization, business workshops and other community support, 5% on our governance and 5% on several fundraising drives.
We would be extremely delighted to have you sponsor a child in our orphanage. The more our sponsorship department grows, the more it avails us an opportunity to increase on the number of children under our care. With a commitment as generous as USD50 a month, you are in position to sponsor a child in our orphanage.