The Bataka Project

Bataka is a bantu word meaning ‘locals’ and through our Bataka project, we support women, children and familites. The Bataka project provides capacity building, intensive monitoring of the welfare and health status of the elderly, networking and resource-sharing to our beneficiaries and partner community-based initiatives. We also distribute seedlings and craft materials to the locals to enable some engage in agriculture and others in craftmaking.

The Omusingi Project

Omusingi is also a bantu word meaning foundation. We believe that children are the foundation for growth of any nation and this was the drive behind the Omusingi Project. The Omusingi Project is a project for keeping orphans in school after the demise of their guardians. It has grown to also include children whose parents are not able to fund their education.Through the Omusingi project, we collaborate with schools which give us subsidized school fees rates and more lenient payment terms to enable us keep all school-going children under our care in school.