At Care Concern Uganda, we strive to improve the welfare of children and the general quality of life among people in the less advantaged communities that we work in. With our holistic approach, we have been in position to restore hope to the orphans by securing them shelters in which to live in. Caring and extending support to them as they grow has been our most standing achievement. Reaching out to abandoned and hurting communities surrounding us has been part of our great tasks achieved. Below are some of our key areas of intervention;

Child welfare & Education

The great Nelson Mandela said “there can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children”. We have found this true especially in regard to the communities we operate in because our society really values children even though many families are often limited by the resources at their disposal to give children the care they deserve.

Livelihoods & Social Support

It is extremely sad for a family to wake up with no food at all and no hope that maybe the family head will find anything, the sadder thing is having a whole village full of such families. The saddest thing however, is having to sit by and watch while children and mothers from these families grapple for food in bushes, sometimes to the extent of sharing one potato among four people

Health, Water & Sanitation

We engage our communities in discussions and actions towards achieving good health, safe, clean water and in communities that have water access points like springs, we mobilize the communities to clean and maintain these water points. Care concern  Uganda also has mobile clinics that  

Affirmative action for the Girl-child

The Global estimate of girls who are affected by forced early child marriage is about 650 million. The AU has been trying to address this issue and they launched the African Union Campaign to End Child Marriage in Africa but this only targeted the 30 most affected countries, of which only about a half have been able to meet some of the key targets