Care concern Uganda started in 2008 as an outreach program in the suburbs of Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono cities. It was later launched in 2012 at the time it became officially recognized by the government hand. Albert Wandera is the founder and team leader to date. Care concern Uganda is a Christian based organization born from the founder’s Christian belief to tackle poverty, diseases and orphans issue with a holistic approach as emphasized by the Holy Bible a number of times.

At Care concern Uganda, we believe in Christ as a gift to humanity and imitate his ways so we embrace all people of various faiths and there is no requirement to be a Christian to be involved with our activities, to be a staff or to receive our support. We embraces everybody and anybody for we want to be able to share the love that Jesus showed us.

Care concern Uganda was formed to help communities initiate setup and drive their development agenda through different livelihood and capacity building projects. One of our focal points is children (Welfare and livelihood). We spearhead projects aimed at uplifting the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children. This includes improving the livelihoods of their guardians so that they are able to get better care.

Our Vision

To become the caretaker of God’s most priceless gift to humanity that is life and communities

Our Mission

To provide emotional, financial, physical, environmental and scientific support to rural communities which suffer from illness, ignorance and lack of access to education.

Our Objectives

  • To promote and encourage girl child education and empowerment.
  • To provide HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention and relief measures to rural communities.
  • To provide health and medical support to less advantaged communities.
  • To promote health support projects to needy communities
  • To provide disaster relief and recovery to affected needy communities
  • To extend income generating activities and skills for self relief to rural needy communities.
  • To provide housing relief to the homeless and needy families.
  • To promote and enourage education amongst needy members of the community especially to assist the youth in obtaining general technical and scientific knowledge as well the acceptable culture and norms in our culture.